The world we live in is shaped by products. We make it better.

As being engineers, we understand engineers.
As being entrepreneurs, we understand entrepreneurs.
As being devoted designers, we solve problems.

We are a team of pragmatists and visionaries. We design with the aim to change people's lives for the better. The market success is an obvious consequence.

1. To us, the product must be useful, aesthetic, implementable, reliable. Technical excellence requires a form that will appeal to the users.

2. For this, you need a factor that will transform the resulting synthesis into a market success. It requires insight, commitment, a broad perspective, knowledge, contacts, pragmatism, vision.

3. That is why 100.0% of our implemented projects are a commercial success noticeably exceeding the most optimistic predictions.

4. We have developed an original, transparent designing process that allows us to optimize the process from concept to implementation and sales. We choose suitable production technologies and we emphasize the product’s distinctive features.

5. Consequently, the excellent industrial design enables our clients to envision a new future for their companies.

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We adjust the design process to the client's requirements in order to improve the impact of our work. Among others, examining the production possibilities and the technological potential.

Or opening international markets previously closed to our customers with the quality of our design ideas.

The scope of cooperation

We provide a wide range of industrial design services, including individual solutions and assistance in specific areas. Here are some cooperation scenarios:

Industrial design

We design new products from scratch. We select optimal production technologies, materials and structure to transform an innovative idea into a great product. 100.0% of the implemented projects become a commercial success.


It happens that a product requires adjustments that will allow it to reveal its potential fully. We offer solutions that make it possible. Success stories prove that we know how to design effectively.

Audit and consulting

We examine how design can serve our clients. We think strategically. We recommend only thoughtful, practical and beneficial solutions.


We are not solely designers but also entrepreneurs. We help start-ups take their first steps in the market. We offer expert insights, assistance in running a crowdfunding campaign, and strategic consulting.


Usually, what separates a solid concept from implementation is attracting an investor. We help prepare mock-ups and prototypes in 3D printing and CNC milling technology, with software and electronics to best present the project.


We finalize the design project, prepare it for the market in terms of visual identity and promotion. Packaging, website, marketing materials – all that is needed to present the product in a consistent, smooth and engaging way.

Trusted by

Those who trusted us [to the greatest extent] have achieved the most significant commercial successes.

Like the audio equipment manufacturer whose future depended mainly on our work quality and who achieved better sales results than the most optimistic scenario predicted.

Our team

Since 2011, we have constantly been improving our skills, expanding the scope of services and refining the projects to the point of perfection.

What drives us is the realization that we have the power to shape reality with good design. We believe that high-class products raise consumers' awareness and quality of life, which is always a good business.

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Bartosz Wyżykowski

Co-Founder / Designer

Jacek Morawski wzornictwo przemysłowe

Jacek Morawski

Co-Founder / Designer

Piotr Blicharski wzornictwo przemysłowe

Piotr Blicharski

Co-Founder / Designer

Adam Morawski


Michał Szczególski


Piotr Sołdaj


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Rozszerzamy zespół w zależności od projektu

Producenci, konstruktorzy, materiałoznawcy, wdrożeniowcy, programiści …


For us, the most important achievement is the market success of each of our designs. Despite this...

We work hard for the respect of the design business. Thanks to this, we have been honored with a few prestigious international design awards.

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nagroda za wzornictwo przemysłowe

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