CZAS Wrist watch

With over 10 implemented watch designs and dozens of developed concepts, we have been able to create our own watch brand CZAS, which after a successful debut in 2021, have found dozens of devoted customers.

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wzornictwo przemysłowe

Collection 01 is a form distilled to the purest essence. Name CZAS derivers from a polish translation of the word TIME. It was created in relation to the austerity of the urban environment, the energy and the dynamics of the place we live in. At the same time, we were looking for inspiration in everyday life and moments that we associate with joy and pleasant occasions at home, such as cooking together. That is why the indexes on the watch face resemble a cake mold. We want the first collection of the CZAS brand to allow us to notice how important it is to be here and now, at the same time reminding us how important it is to find joy and peace in each moment.

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zegarek damski czas
zegarek czas kobiecy
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