Touring kayak

How our collaboration resulted in the creation of a recognized brand and a product with excellent ergonomics and distinct aesthetics.


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1. Before our collaboration, Kayakzone had been a much respected, low-key distributor of kayaking equipment.

2. The company approached us to design and launch its first own product, designed from scratch.


1. The backbone of the project was a mock-up hull with a perfectly engineered nautics, developed by a boat builder with decades of experience.

2. We started with a 3D scan of the mock-up and then converted the scan into a geometrically correct CAD model.

3. We were looking for a universal aesthetic that gives comfort and character.

4. We worked on mock-ups to achieve optimum ergonomics for the seats, foam and deck.


1. We have created a new brand that has gained recognition in the kayaking world.

2. We have developed an easily memorable brand and model name for the kayak.

3. Users praise the convenience of rowing and the comfort of the seats.

4. Our client has successfully progressed from a distributor to a manufacturer of high-end kayaks.

5. In 2018, the project was nominated for the prestigious Red Dot and Good Design awards.

6. The characteristic bevel of the deck improves the ergonomics of paddle movement while swimming.

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wzornictwo przemysłowe
wzornictwo przemysłowe
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1. The kayak has gained a lot of satisfied customers among hobbyists and owners of kayak rentals.

2. Our client has successfully progressed from a distributor to a manufacturer.

3. The developed brand quickly gained popularity and the client is already planning further products with us.