Thermostatic radiator valve

How great design increases sales, cares for the environment and sets market trends. Customer Vario Term Home Appliances Sector Year 2020.





wzornictwo przemysłowe


1. The manufacturer of radiator fittings, Vario Term, is a well-established company that is also aware of the importance of design.

2. Our task was to propose a design that would optimise the production process and make it environmentally friendly.

3. In an energy-related industry, sustainability is one of the priorities we had to take into account.


1. We have continued with the previously adopted differentiated design. We opted for simple, timeless shapes and subdued colours, while focusing as much as possible on the convenience of using the heads.

2. Our idea was to create a functional object with an elegant form.

3. In the design process we followed the principle of “less is more” – this in every respect.

4. We were able to simplify and reduce the number of injection moulds, resulting in a cost saving of 30%. This step generated further savings.

5. Thanks to the possibility of changing the design of the “cap” of the head and changing the structure of structural elements, the product could be implemented with 15% less expenditure. The heads we designed are also lighter and require less material consumption.


1. Our approach to the design process and our focus on minimalist principles has allowed us to create a product that is one hundred percent in line with our brand values and the standards of modern, environmentally-oriented manufacturing.

2. The innovations used have made the new models very popular with the public, including new customer groups.

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projektowanie produktu
vario głowica
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wzornictwo przemysłowe
koncepcje projektowe
prototypowanie design
projektowanie produktów


1. We increased the savings on the implementation of the new product (simplification and reduction of the number of injection moulds) by 30%.

2. We made it possible to implement a new product at a significant cost reduction compared to the previous implementation.

3. We introduced a modern approach to design – simple, timeless shapes and elegant colours

4. We have improved the usability of the product.

5. We have reduced the weight of the product and the consumption of materials (more ecological and economical in production).

6. We have secured very strong interest in new products, including reaching out to new customer groups.