The world's first modular gyroplane.

Red Dot awarded and named the flagship Polish aerospace innovation of 2018.


Transport design



trendak twistair


1. We have collaborated with Trendak Aviation- an ultralight aviation company, for years, communicating seamlessly with the design and marketing team.

2. So far we have had the opportunity to design the interior for the excellent Typhoon gyroplane and we were also responsible for improving the ergonomics of the seats for all models.

3. This time the owner of the company entrusted us with a much more extensive project: the development of a modular gyroplane tandem from scratch.

4. We developed the design and implementation project in close collaboration with the engineering team.


1. The manufacturer described the concept of this model as a “motorbike that moves in three dimensions”, so we designed different versions of the cabin body to suit various usages – from a standard cabin to an “air motorbike”, i.e. open structure with a front fairing to maximize the sport experiances, half-built version for aerial photography and fully enclosed cockpit suitable for harsher weather conditions, agricaltural spraying, firefighters and boarder guards.

2. The design of the hull and cabin was developed in direct collaboration with a team of engineers. It required making hundreds of sketches and spending hundreds of hours researching optimal solutions.

3. As the Twistair is an innovation in its class, we wanted to give a unique touch to its design. At the same time a dynamic, modern form fits seamlessly into current product line and its design cues

4. Ultra-light aviation is talked about as the future of transport and we have aimed to make Twistair fit this definition.

5. Development of the implementation documentation required determining the correct thickness of the composite materials, developing the geometry of the hull, working on aerodynamics, door rotation axes and selecting seals and technical details.

6. We had to develop the assembly system keeping in mind the production restrictions and take into account the possibility of effortless adding the modules to the base product.


1. Twistair’s design and the 2018 Red Dot Design Award have brought Trendak global recognition, which has translated significantly into increased brand recognition and higher sales.

2. Twistair has been recognised as the flagship Polish innovation in the aviation industry, as confirmed by its appearance on the cover of the prestigious Aviation Review Magazine.

3. The success of the project has strengthened our partnership with Trendak – the results of which are regularly featured at events, fairs and in the aviation media.

4. Winning the Reddot  is a great honour for us. We see it not only as recognition of a specific project, but also as confirmation that our studio has chosen the right path.

gyroplane design
projektowanie wzornicze design
industrial design
wnętrze wiatrakowca
projektowanie wzornicze
projektowanie produktu
wzornictwo przemysłowe

Twistair 1.0

druk 3d
modele prototypów wydruk 3d
szkice koncepcyjne wzornictwo przemysłowe
wzornictwo przemysłowe


1. We developed in collaboration with engineering team, the complete design of the world’s first modular gyroplane.

2. We have created a unique style for the aerospace market by spending hundreds of hours on design, sketches, prototyping and consulting.

3. We have significantly increased product sales.

4. The project quickly became the focus of international media attention at events, fairs and shows.

5. We have been honoured with the Red Dot Award, which is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for design craftsmanship.