Anti- smog protection system

How good design convinced a startup investor to fund the venture and start production.



Produkty dla dzieci



filtr antysmogowy


1. The market for solutions in the health and ecology category is constantly growing, not only because of the risk of new pandemics, but also because of the growing awareness of the effects of environmental pollution.

2. Brimmu is a filter design for prams. When out and about, the average child is exposed to smog, allergens and – especially important during the 2020 pandemic – viruses.

3. The originators of the solution commissioned us to provide design consultation and expert support at various stages of project development.


1. Working with the originators of Brimm, our task was to assist in the selection of safe and durable materials, to consult on construction technology, and then to assist at the engineering design stage.

2. We participated in the prototyping process and developed the MVP (Minimum Viable Product – a product in its initial version, ready to be used by the first customers who can provide feedback on it).

3. In addition to the physical design, our involvement also included helping to build the brand image and ensure its appropriate exposure.


1. The project convinced the investor, which translated into the allocation of significant sums to enable production to begin.

2. Brimmu is currently in its second phase of testing and regular production is expected to begin soon.

projektowanie design
projektowanie produktów
projektowanie koncepcje


1. The high quality of the project ensured the funding from the investor necessary to start production.

2. Market research indicated very high interest in the product.

3. We developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and supported the brand identity creation enabling effective promotional activities.