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1. We were asked by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Lublin University of Technology to sew the skin for a new generation aircraft being developed by the research team.

2. The main objective of the project was to develop a new generation of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which combines the features of both gyroplane- and multirotor aircraft.

3. The aircraft’s XGyro multi-rotor propulsion system enables vertical take-off, while a passive thrust-producing propulsion system increases flight range.


1. In the first stage, we focused on creating a modern character that would be a synthetic line of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

2. The built model underwent several iterations related to tests of engine placement, mast extension and ergonomics of the whole body to ensure optimal working conditions for all components.

3. Having passed the aerodynamic tests, we set about selecting a colour scheme and creating a brand for the drone.


1. We have obtained an aerodynamic mould ready for production.

2. The actual progressive flight takes place on autorotation, which enables a much lower energy requirement.

3. The XGyro model, thanks to its unique shape and design, achieves better flight range than previous solutions available in the quadrocopter market.

4. The design includes extensions to the drone’s equipment to include a camera with gimbal and easy servicing through quick access to batteries.

5. Due to the different landing techniques possible and the two independent propulsion systems that generate lift, the XGyro aircraft is safer than competing solutions.

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