System for functional training

How we designed a fitness product that became a sales success despite the pandemic and crisis in the sports industry.





wzornictwo przemysłowe


1. Gipara- Poland’s biggest manufacturer of sports accessories, commissioned us to design the most extensive product in its catalogue.

2. Adaptiva is a modular training system consisting of a structural frame and a selection of training accessories.

3. It has the advantage of being highly combinable, easy to adapt and assemble, allowing the equipment to be made to measure for spaces of various sizes- from a hotel room to large gyms.

4. The Adaptiva system was managed from the design stage, through the selection of production technology, recommendation of contractors and author’s supervision and care during implementation.

5. Despite the fact that the product launch coincided with a particularly difficult, pandemic period for the sports industry, our design proved to be desirable.


1. The core idea of Adaptiva is its flexibility and modularity: we were tasked with creating a solution that allows each user to construct a customised training space.

2. We have designed a simple, versatile structure that can be adapted to different interiors – in sports facilities and at home – and adapted according to trainers’ requirements.

3. The basis of the system consists of the main frame with a simple, universal form, available in various colour versions.

4. Variants of handles, ladders, shelves and rods make it possible to create an optimal set, easy to modify and expand. There is also an option to purchase ready-made, larger sets, which can then be combined with each other.

5. Training equipment must meet high requirements in terms of safety and resistance to loads, shocks and impacts, so we had to carry out extensive tests and select materials with an absolute guarantee of durability and strength.

6. The construction elements are made of high-quality steel with an anti-slip coating and, where necessary, protective rubber and polyamide pads.

7. The work on the structure involved various production technologies – steel processing, hot-dip galvanising, powder coating, elastomer injection. Once the design was developed, we were also commissioned for prototyping and testing, after which we supervised implementation and provided consultation during the production process.


1. The modularity of the Adaptiva system proved to be the answer to the latest workout trends.

2. Despite the closure of gyms and sports clubs during the pandemic many pieces were quick to order.

3. Equipment provides the fitness facilities with maximum flexibility and better adaptation to changing market conditions.

brama do siłowni
gipara bramka
adaptiva gipara
projektowanie dla siłowni
projektowanie dla branży fitness
brama funkcjonalna
wzornictwo przemysłowe siłownia
brama funkcjonalna siłownia trening
projektowanie koncepcyjne


1. We implemented the first such large-scale product in the offer of our client.

2. We have introduced a solution that allows any gym to be built regardless of the available floor space, including the adaptation of the designed solution to small studio apartments.

3. We have ensured that the design is very flexible and modular, allowing it to adapt to any space to meet the needs of users.

4. We have ensured a long service life of the structure under conditions of intensive use.

5. We have used a combination of several production technologies – steel processing, hot dip galvanising, powder coating, elastomer injection.

6. We have developed a modern design while ensuring rigidity, strength, functionality.

7. Despite the fact that the product launch overlapped with the outbreak of the pandemic and the closure of gyms, the product achieved high sales results.