Helmsman seat

How we took an innovative approach to design the most ergonomic helmsman's seat in the industry.



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1. The project required tackling a very extensive task for an extremely specialised client – a manufacturer of yacht equipment.

2. In this case, we took part in a competition in which our concept won.

3. Designing for a new industry involves a very developing educational process, which also affects the consistency of the final implementation.


1. We designed the armchair for Adriatica from A to Z, from concept to implementation. We started off with styling, developed the structural design, prototyped and chose the final materials, fabrics and clours.

2. Due to the specific nature of the industry, we have paid particular attention to the ergonomics.

3. We have tried to achieve maximum comfort – hence the different seat configurations: with or without armrests, with adjustable headrests.

4. Knowing that the furniture will be used on different types of boats, we gave the seat a modular character, with the possibility of expanding it according to the user’s needs.

5. Visually, we have opted for timeless elegance with the possibility of personalisation – the choice of fabric and body colour.

6. The comprehensive work on the project included the implementation and testing of prototypes.

7. Finally, we had the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of a website with an online creator, which allows the user to choose the most convenient equipment options of the design.


1. The feature we wanted to bring to the fore in the design process was ergonomics – as a result we managed to create one of the most comfortable armchairs on the market.

2. This effect was combined with minimisation of production costs. By recommending to the client mould manufacturers with whom we had been collaborating before, we were able to reduce production tooling costs by 70%.

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1. The ergonomics of the helmsman’s seat that we have designed are rated by experts to be the most comfortable on the market.

2. We have ensured that the product can be extended in a modular way.

3. We provided the client with our contacts for mould making, which saved 70% of the cost of making production tools.

4. We have developed the design, ergonomics, styling, choice of materials, colours, production technology.

5. We have carried out the project comprehensively – from concept to implementation, prototype testing, etc.