Food packing line

How we challenged accepted norms and made it possible to export the product to hitherto inaccessible, hermetic markets.






design produktu


1. Kram the leading packaging producer in the food industry entrusted us with the design of a dosing and packaging line

2. So far, the process of developing these machines has been utilitarian in nature – thinking about them in purely technical terms. The nature of the industry dictates very strict design limitations and stringent safety requirements.

4. Our role included developing the design for the line and product branding to add a new dimension to the product and the brand itself – recognition.


1. Packaging and dispensing machines have generally clumsy aesthetics. We decided to change this and go for a professional looking design, which would help to increase product and brand recognition, and boost operator’s morale.

2. Packaging and dispensing lines need to be rigorously cleaned (pressure washing) which narrows the selection of materials and finishes.

3. There were strict restrictions in terms of scope and production technology – edge bending, no painting, limited choice of materials – only stainless steel and polycarbonate. Despite this, we managed to develop a consistent design.

4. We decided to emphasize the strength of Kram brand by clearly displaying the logo on the housing.


1. Fresh aesthetics that we provided allowed Kram to expand internationally.

2. Products have gained interest in new and hitherto unattainable markets, such as Italy, famous for its attachment to its manufacturers and designers.

3. The new design translated into an increase in interest in the company’s overall offer in the Polish and international markets, as well as in sales of the dosing and packaging lines themselves.

projektowanie produktu
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lifting designwzornictwo przemysłowe
wzornictwo przemysłowe


1. We have enabled the manufacturer to expand into markets that were not yet available.

2. We have significantly increased the sales and the interest in the Kram brand offer.

3. We have increased brand recognition on products.

4. We have ensured product design consistency with very strict industry and technological restrictions.

5. We have introduced a new standard in the design of specialist machinery and made it more approachable and aesthetically pleasing.