Smart lock router

How we helped giants enter the new smart lock market. And succeeded.






wzornictwo przemysłowe


1. The Tedee lock is a smartlock, or intelligent door lock – the answer to the needs of those who sometimes forget their keys, or are not sure if they have locked the house.

2. Tedee is the first step by two key manufacturers – Gerda and Predica – into the smart industry.

3. Our task was to develop the router design and support the product line.


1. For the purposes of the project we created a design for the entire product line, which consisted of the following kits: electronic lock, bridge (for connecting the lock with the internet).

2. Since these models set the direction of the entire brand, we tried to make them distinctive.

3. We have given Tedee locks and bridges a minimalist form of simple solids. The result is a set that is handy, easy to install and economical to build.

4. We know that smart solutions need to be as affordable as possible, which is why Tedee kits allow you to assemble them yourself.

5. Our experience and knowledge of new technologies allowed us to support manufacturers in the construction of the first models.


1. Gerda’s debut in the world of intelligent security systems has been very successful.

2. Tedee products are positively received and very popular. Customers appreciate their reliability – and positive feedback translates into high sales.

tedee bridge
projektowanie obudowy


1. We worked with the Gerda brand, the largest manufacturer of security/access solutions in Poland, to enter a new product niche.

2. We have created product line designs on which the future development of not only the customer’s entire brand, but also the market, rests.

3. Our product has been very well received by consumers and sales results are excellent.

4. Our design has ensured high product reliability.

5. The project was developed in collaboration with Tedee, Gerda and Aleksander Litwinski.