Automating the analysis of skin allergy tests - SkinSens™

SkinSens™ addresses the diagnostic limitations caused by the growing demand for allergy testing and reduced the availability of allergologists. By speeding up the diagnostic process, it is possible to introduce effective desensitization immunotherapy in just one consultation visit.


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1. Milton Essex S.A., is a high-tech medical company listed on NewConnect market.

2. SkinSens™ is an advanced technology that makes it possible to observe what the human eye has previously been unable to capture. Thanks to this innovative tool, we can “look” under the skin and track reactions taking place in the body. This is a real breakthrough in diagnostics and health monitoring.

3. SkinSens™ System is a state-of-the-art multispectral scanner equipped with an optoelectronic imaging head. This advanced system was developed by the “FOTONICA” research consortium, which includes the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Military University of Technology and Milton Essex.

4. SkinLogic™ allergy diagnostics has become fast and precise by leveraging deep machine learning. This advanced artificial intelligence-based technology enables full automation of test result evaluation with greater accuracy and repeatability. While maintaining a 98% success rate.

5. SkinLogic™ allergy diagnostics allows skin allergy tests to be performed and results to be sent digitally directly to the physician’s computer, which is equipped with a standard DICOM viewer. This streamlines the work of the allergy clinic and speeds up the process of identifying allergens that cause sensitization.


1. The final design of the stylistic line is the result of an evolution that involved a series of iterations lasting over two years. In the process we were testing various use cases, thermo-optical technology capabilities, and manufacturing technologies in constant consultation with industry specialists and practitioners. During prototyping and testing, the design matured to the point where the convenience of conducting tests did not compromise the quality of the measurement.

2. The ergonomics study was a key point in the design, as SkinSens™ is a professional tool for allergologists. The priority was to avoid unnecessary steps, make diagnosis easier and faster.

3. SkinSens™ should receive medical device certification by the end of 2024. Patients are waiting for automatic diagnostics – in Europe alone there are about 150 million patients according to an analysis conducted by Milton Essex.


1. SkinSens™ is currently undergoing a pilot program at Prof. Buczyłko’s Center for Allergology, Holy Family Hospital in Lodz, the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw and one of the allergy centers.

2. We dressed state-of-the-art technology in bespoke industrial design while creating an ergonomic workspace for allergy doctors.

3. The results of Milton Essex’s work were published in The NATURE Scientific Reports, the sixth most cited journal in the world.

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