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Challange / Context

HEM- a veteran manufacturer of high-end audio equipment reached out to us in order to create and artistically direct a new brand and all its upcoming product lineup from top to bottom.

Approach / Solution

Brand’s name- Ferrum derives from both the geographical and sentimental background of the company. The workshop is located in an area rich in ferrite ore exploited in ancient times. The father of the workshop’s founder has been a blacksmith for over six decades. This combined heritage manifests in every bit of the design and brand’s presence.

The logotype combines both the masculinity of the alchemical symbol of Iron Ore and the science behind the Chemical symbol for Iron.

Corten steel placed as a focal point of the product lineup represents robustness and reliability as the backbone of the brand values.

wzornictwo przemysłowe

HYPSOS has defined a brand new category of a hifi products. It’s not a simple power supply but an audio component of its own – an equally (or even more) important part of a setup as any other. HYPSOS offers a selection of unique features and even accounts for future software improvements – the device is software controlled with as few hardware dependent elements as possible.

OOR has redefined the category of headphone amplifiers. OOR will drive any headphones effortlessly to the max of their potential, while preserving the essence of the music it amplifies. Zero distortion, zero fatigue, huge dynamics and unrivaled detail result in ultimate enjoyment. OOR actually makes something that is very difficult to accomplish, seem like the most natural thing on earth.

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