Smart pedestrian crosswalk system

When our design exceeds the consumers' wildest expectations, the sales results exceed the manufacturer's wildest forecasts.





wzornictwo przemysłowe
wzornictwo przemysłowe
design produktu
projektowanie wzornicze


1. Smart pedestrian crossing system – Smartpass – discreetly sharpens the focus of pedestrians and drivers and has the potential to positively impact safety in our cities.

2. Intelligent pedestrian crossings are standard in Smart Cities – innovation leaders around the world. In order for such solutions to fulfill their function, they need to work reliably, be resistant to external conditions, and fit naturally into the road space.

3. Our task was to consult and analyse the initial version of the project, provide recommendations on production technology and subcontractors, carry out a design “facelift” of the initial project and then support it at the implementation stage.

4. It was a complex project, requiring action on many fronts simultaneously to deliver a sales-ready solution- and to reinforce its strengths with effective branding.


1. We worked on Smartpass in many areas simultaneously. The project needed to be extended, updated and a new design developed. We carefully analysed the needs and possibilities in this respect.

2. Above all, flexibility in terms of expansion, as well as robustness and durability proved to be key. These properties became our compass in the design process.

3. When developing the electronics enclosure, we focused on maximum water tightness, weather and vandal resistance, as well as ease of installation and service access.

4. We supervised closely the design of the electronics.

5. We improved the initial version of the system and extended it with new modules, such as the ability to monitor and record events and a sound module.

6. Its flexibility means that it can be installed on different types of road, which, widens the circle of potentially interested customers.

7. Thinking about the market potential of the system, we proposed changing the design of the modules so that they are clearly associated with smart solutions and blend discreetly into the road space. The whole system has taken on a more compact, futuristic form.

8. Although the design gives the equipment a premium feel, the effect was achieved at a lower cost to the customer as part of a comprehensive service.

9. Further stages included supervision of the implementation of the project and pilot testing, and when the product was ready for its market debut – also the design of the website.


1. Smartpass has been a success in many ways – both as a tool for measurable improvements in security and in terms of market response.

2. Research conducted by the Institute of Roads and Bridges of the Warsaw University of Technology has shown that crossings equipped with an intelligent system can be made safer by up to 30%.

3. The success of the product in Poland was quickly followed by international expansion. At present, Smartpass systems operate at dozens of national crossings, they are sold to Germany and Slovakia, and the manufacturer has opened representative offices abroad.

identyfikacja wizualna
wzornictwo przemysłowe


1. We have comprehensively developed the design, graphics, construction, marketing.

2. We led the activities from start to implementation, recommended a contractor, took author’s supervision of the implementation and piloting, conducted prototype tests.

3. We improved the aesthetics of the previous version, ensuring that sales could continue and the price could be increased.

4. We extended the infrastructure with additional modules in relation to the previous version – sound, monitoring of events on the passage, database storing statistics.

5. According to research conducted by the Warsaw University of Technology, crossings equipped with intelligent systems are 30% safer than those without.

6. The product achieved commercial success with dozens of contracts shortly after entering the market.

7. After its success on the local market, the product entered foreign markets – Germany and Slovakia.