Short, electric, urban vehicle- PIX

We have managed to give the car a unique character which highlights its polish pedegree.


ElectroMobility Poland


Transport design



samochód elektryczny


1. Conducted in 2015. Warsaw Traffic Survey showed that an average of 1.3 people travel in one car on Warsaw streets.

2. The brief was to develop a style for a small tool to enable communication between work and home.

3. The assumptions of the Electromobility Development Plan indicated that by the end of 2025, one million electric cars will be driving in Polish cities.

4. Conceptual design for the competition – “Polish electric car”


1. To ensure maximum space saving and parking comfort we have proposed a body based on a 250cm long monocoque construction.

2. We created further and more detailed iterations of the project in response to the conditions of approval suggested by the EMP.

3. We developed the branding and design elements of the car in reference to the folk cut-outs of Lublin.


1. The concept was a finalist in a competition organised by Energa, Enea and Tauron.

2. The stylistic approach met with great approval from the jury and the online community.

3. We have managed to give the car a unique character, so that in addition to its attractive silhouette it also has a unique accent and is a cultural showpiece of Poland.

projektowanie pojazdów
miejski pojazd elektryczny
elektryczny samochód do miasta
wzornictwo przemysłowe
projektowanie design