City bike with detachable tray

A vision of a bike with a cargo module.




Transport design




1. The aim of the project was to create a bicycle that would be able to transport both heavy and bulky objects.

2. There are usually large transport bicycles available which are not suitable for domestic use.


1. The project required the creation of a bicycle frame that meets ergonomic usability requirements.

2. Creating the right proportions required many trials and tests on several prototypes before the final model was built.

3. Constructed prototypes were reviewed by postmen, couriers in order to create the ideal tool for them.

4. The trolley has been specially designed so that any weight can be bolted or strapped on.


1. The front part of the bike, forming a city wheelbarrow when removed from the bike frame.

2. A wheelbarrow can be used to transport heavier loads to places that are inaccessible by bicycle, e.g. in the back of a shop or on a staircase.

3. The solution is an ideal tool for postmen, couriers.

4. A fully functional prototype ready for production.