Infokiosk for remote banking services

A form that meets the needs of communicative innovation in post-covid reality.



Small architecture



wzornictwo przemysłowe design


1. Producer of interactive solutions -Applink asked us to design an infokiosk- intelligent architecture for remote banking services in public spaces.

2. The project was demanding due to the technological complexity of the infrastructure and the necessity to come to terms with the acoustic, lighting, utilitarian, structural, material requirements.

3. It was necessary to create a design that is easy to transport and assemble the elements on site. An additional difficulty was the coordination of several subcontractors suitable for the implementation of various components of the pavilion.

4. The aesthetics of the kiosk fits various indoor spaces, but also takes into account the acoustics, intimacy and users with limited mobility (including wheelchairs).


1. From the beginning we were designing a modular structure, which can be easily moved and assembled on site, bearing in mind the dimensional constraints imposed by the minimum size of the entrance doors and elevators.

2. In order to achieve the necessary ergonomics, amount of light inside and intimacy of the space we verified the design concepts in VR.

3. No less important was the selection of sound-absorbing materials, as well as determining the appropriate dimensions of the workspace and adapting to the viewing angles of cameras, the interface screen and ensuring the safety of users.


1. In a very short time we were able to analyze the assumptions and develop a structural design, which was prototyped and tested at the final destination.

2. The architecture we designed has a friendly and modern aesthetic that fits any public space, and the functional layout meets the needs of people with limited mobility.

3. The construction does not pose logistical problems, corresponds to the conditions of use of public space and at the same time is easy to install.

projekt wzorniczy
projekt ifokiosku
wzornictwo przemysłowe
billenium infokiosk
applink infokiosk


1. Our proposal has found many takers in a short period of time, opening up new ways to conduct banking services.

2. We have proven that even with very limited time and budget, we are able to comprehensively carry out a project from concept through prototyping to implementation.

3. Conducting the project in an agile manner demonstrates how quickly we are able to respond to new market challenges, developing a product that is fully suited to the new post-covid reality.

4. The developed design provides a fresh, elegant form for infrastructure that changes the way customers use banking services.