2s.design unfolds a vision of a customizable Samurai Watch inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 game

As avid video game fans, 2s.design - a creative studio from Cd Projekt Red’s neighborhood, brings a wrist watch concept dripping with design cues and easter eggs from Cyberpunk universe.


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cyberpunk 2077

The 42mm chrome case encapsulates rotating discs indicating time, powered by a 9015 MIYOTA automatic caliber. The main ruby of the movement marks the eye of the Samurai emblem- trademark of John Silverhand’s (portrayed by Keanu Reeves) band- the character, whose consciousness is uploaded to the game's protagonist brain. Silicone strap cut design comes straight from the Night City architecture’s stylistics. The user experience of the product is just as important as the design itself, so instead of offering the watch in different color versions, it is offered with interchangeable fronts corresponding in style to various fashion styles from the game. For example, the Cyberyellow color scheme of the Streetkid refers to the jacket of David Martinez - the main character of Edgerunners 2077 series. Wear the watch with or without the front panels. Or maybe you want to go further and 3d print your own design personalizing the watch freely just like you personalize your character in the game? The design is a fruit of a collaboration with CD Projekt Red’s senior designer- Sebastian Nowak.

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